Romal Reins

Our Romal Reins, which have become synonymous with winning riders, are constructed using methods handed down through the generations. Each rawhide strand we cut for braiding, whether for a 12-plait or 16-plait braid, is beveled on both sides for a smooth, comfortable feel on the reins and romal. We can make you any length rein and romal, change button designs and silver patterns or give extra weight at the end of your reins. Often times, we have constructed romals from a photo or picture.

The Guarantee on our romals is hard to beat! If you ever break a rawhide connector for any reason, just send us the complete romal and we will build a new connector and put it on the reins at a cost to you of only $15.00 per connector plus shipping. Even if the romals are fifty years old, our guarantee is still good.